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Misha Libertee (Michael Tsaturyan) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Misha's works are distinguished by bright, positive subjects and deliberately commercial aesthetics. Individual style and sense of humor make his work go viral on the Internet and incredibly popular with an audience not previously interested in contemporary art. Michael's most famous works are the 23-meter #Slonik at the Burning Man 2019 #Kraken on the embankment of Zaryadye Park #Serna in Sochi and a virtual exhibition of collectible bricks, in Minecraft, which the artist held in the midst of lockdown 2020. The track record of the young author includes collaborations with charity funds and international brands, as well as participation in major foreign festivals and art fairs. The creator of a virtual avatar with artificial intelligence is Misha Cybertee, who in the near future will replace his biological prototype not only in the metaverse but also in the physical world.
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